Артем Казанцев

My Calling

АртемWo4In my heart our Heavenly Father has laid a powerful and mighty revelation. Which is that I was called by the Lord of Lord’s to serve Him. In my mind I have no second thoughts, no questions, and absolutely no doubts that this is true. In my Godly temple or my body I have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. With a sweet, gentle, and blessed voice it told me that the only way for me to live and be happy is to Serve God. In my heart I know that the only choice I have is to humble myself, and my flesh, and let the Lord do his work in me. I have to bow down before God, and let Him show me who I am in Christ Jesus.
I believe I have been put here by God, and on this journey he is teaching me. He is opening my heart to accept more spiritual food, and teaching me how to understand his Holy word. He is showing me many new things, and revealing things inside me I never knew existed. He is changing my heart day by day. I sometimes think back to my past life. I sometimes remember my old classmates whom I went to school with. Most of them have finished college, and now have careers, or jobs. Some have fell in love and gotten married. Had children and started a family. Some have bought new cars or homes or rented apartments. Typical things of life for any average person. However, I believe that God has prepared something much bigger, and better for me. You see I was never like these people because I was a drug addict. I was drowning in sin, and in desperate need of help. On the contrary to normal people my former acquantinces whom I associated with are not doing so well. Some are in jail, some are dead, and others are still sinking lower and lower living in a nightmare. However, for some reason by which I do not understand the Lord chose me. By great His mercy He has shown me the door to salvation in Christ Jesus. By His magnificent love I live today only by His grace.
When I was saved I noticed something very interesting. It drew my attention and made me look deeper. I saw two young, healthy, and happy servants by the names of Max and Ruben. I saw with what passion and ambition they approach the Lord. I saw how full of life they were. I noticed that they were not ordinary, but there was something different in them. I saw in their eyes the light of Jesus. I knew right there that they were doing this from the heart, and I knew that it brought them joy. I knew that nobody was forcing them, but they actually want to serve. Some time had passed and the Holy Spirit of the Lord spoke within me, and told me you will be just like them. My first reaction was no way. I am not that crazy. I automatically thought I cannot live like that no free time, no money, no house, no car. Then as time had passed the spirit of the Lord began to work wonders in my heart.

Suddenly I began seeing dramatic changes within me. I did not know how or why, but all of a sudden what I used to love didn’t seem interesting anymore. What I used to cherish was of no value. I began to understand that the lord was opening my eyes to see what He sees, and opening my heart to feel what He feels. My priorities had changed from what I want in life to what does the Lord want for me in life. I came to the conclusion that if the Lord is telling me something, and showing me something. All I need to do is listen, trust Him, and say yes and Amen. Then I read in the book of Matthew chapter 6, verse 33: “But seek first the kingdom of Heaven….” I believed in my heart that I cannot live without God, and all I need is Him. I believe that living on earth is serving God and my treasure will be in Heaven. Suddenly things like houses, cars, money had become of little value. Suddenly what I used to want had no meaning and seemed useless. Suddenly the presence of the Lord is all I wanted. To be closer to Him, and know Him, and feel Him more is all I wished. All I have left is a burning passion, and desire to follow Christ Jesus, and to fulfill the will of my Father in Heaven.This drove me to serve. I can see myself being filled up by God with his blessings, and gifts only to give them back to people. My wish is to focus every day, every minute, every second on walking humbly before the Lord, and serving people. Fully understanding that in this life I will have nothing from the world, but in God I will have everything.
The biggest and most perfect example for me is of course is our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. My favorite scripture to this day is from the book of John chapter 13 verses 1-17. In this passage Jesus washes the disciple’s feet then He says now you should wash each other’s feet. I love the fact that He leads by example. Also how he says that no one is greater among you. The word that touched me the most is when Jesus says “if you know these things, blessed are you if you do them”. What I learned is that my King, my God, my Shepard, my Lord and Savior came to earth to serve, and not to be served. With that being said I cannot make any other decision than to serve. I do not want anything else. I know my life must be devoted to God. In the Bible it says that all the law is summed up in this: “to love your neighbor as you love yourself”. I understand that it will be very far from easy. I know there will be many hard times. I know there will be many problems. I know there will be many temptations. I know that every day I will have to die in flesh, and live in Christ. I will have to always ask God for strength to pick up my cross and follow Jesus.

With all that being said I have made my decision. I choose to serve the Lord, and to let it be His will and not mine. I know that my foundation is a solid rock that no one can break. My foundation is stronger than anything in this world. My foundation is Jesus Christ. I believe the words written in Philippians chapter 4 verse 13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I know that together with Jesus I will make it through the fire. I am ready to bring my life unto the altar and sacrifice it before God. I want to bring the light of God in my eyes and the fire of the Holy Spirit in my heart into my church. I am ready to humble myself before God. I have a desire to lead by example, and show people the way to salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many people in this world, but few are called to do God’s work. I am blessed to be one of the few. To the almighty Father of Heaven and earth be praise and glory forever and ever. Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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