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Shalom, peace to you, dear brothers and sisters!
I would like to invite each of you to accompany us on our mission of changing lives of people, addicted to drugs and alcohol, bringing better future to people in need all around Israel and the world.

A young lady died. She was a drug addict and a good friend of Pastor Vladimir Krioutchkov, former drug user himself. Her death shocked him. While in prayer he got a revelation: “Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter…” (Proverbs 24:11)
Since then he devoted his entire life to saving lives of drug addicts like him. And thus a rehabilitation ministry has started.

Every week we go from Haifa to Tel-Aviv (110 kilometers one way) for evangelization of drug addicts in city slums. Feeding them, praying for them, giving clothes and hope. Many of our ministers today came from those streets. That’s why people know us there.
Right from the streets drug addicts come to our so called “buffer zone” for couple of days to go through “detoxification”. They get everything they need from a tooth brush and pair of socks to a ride to an emergency or a doctor visit in hospital.
Those who are willing, continue their rehabilitation process at one of our “warm houses”, usually from three to six months in general. Everyday Bible study, prayers and learning “clean” and “righteous” way of life within believers community help to overcome addictions and pain.

We’ve got 10 rehabilitation centers, “warm houses” around Israel, 3 in USA, 3 in Germany and three as well in Ukraine. Hundreds of Russian speaking people with all kinds of addictions get help through the love of God of Israel. We trust just one Savior – Lord Jesus Christ.

We are the part of Messianic Congregation “Living Israel” – Russian speaking Jewish community in Haifa, north of Israel with ten churches all over the country and more than 400 members. 16 years ago Chief Pastor Gleb Samburski began helping Russian immigrants to settle down in “promised land”.

In order to spread the good news of Salvation in 2008 we started a Missionary Bible School for Discipleship in Haifa in the Monastery – ancient Greek-Catholic 110 year old property at the top of the Bible mountain of Carmel, which we’ve been renting out for the last 6 years. Now it has become an International school, where former addicts and alcoholics from Israel, United States, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Kazakhstan for eight months learn Bible, new ways of life and most important – living together on the premises. The jubilee, 10-th school is in the progress right now!
Our rehabilitation centers, where habitants work, are all self-sufficient. But the Missionary Bible School has other major priorities and thus has about $10,000.00 deficit monthly. Gas, food, electric and water bills have all outstanding balance and we urgently need help.
Today’s debt for rent only is above 150,000.00 NIS. We do everything we can to solve the matter – we pray, we work extra hours in order to maintain the Monastery and the Bible School afloat. We hope that you will not be indifferent to our service and our work and you’ll join our efforts to change people’s lives. Please support us in your prayers and if God tells you so – financially. We appreciate any help available – weather it is $50 or $15,000.00.

I appreciate your warm reception to my message today, and I look forward to meeting you personally one day soon. May God bless our cooperation and help us in our joint mission for bringing better lives to people in need.

Michael Sadovsky

Our financial requisites:
First International bank of Israel (FIBI)
HaCarmel branch (009)
1 Elhanan street, Haifa, Israel.
SWIFT: FIRBILITHAI, Account 385573
Beneficiary name: Amuta NEDER


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